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Exclusive benefits for The WICT Network Members

A membership with WICT provides benefits that enrich individuals professionally at any level and personally.

Programming & Events
We offer virtual and in-person events so you can expand your network across different states. Whether it’s luncheons with dynamic speakers, virtual webinars, casual networking, a book club or our mentor program, there’s an opportunity for you to get involved in a way that fits your schedule.

A Thriving Mentor Program

This award-winning program allows mentors and mentees to create interactive relationships that span career levels and state lines. Our program creates a safe place for individuals to learn. Feel comfortable taking risks, making mistakes and asking questions. Whether you are the mentor or mentee, you will gain real-life advice and empower yourself to excel personally and professionally.

Electronic Resources

Stay updated with current events and industry insights with WICT’s online resources for members, including:

  • WICT Connects is a robust online community available to answer questions, provide insight, or simply allow you to connect with peers.
  • WICT Wireand @WICT provide monthly news, leadership lessons and industry updates.
  • Heartland News is the WICT Heartland Chapter’s quarterly electronic newsletter.

WICT Develops Leaders who Transform our Industry

Serving more than 10,000 members across the media, WICT is the largest and most renowned organization representing women in the cable arena. Since WICT’s creation in 1979, our mission has been to create women leaders who transform our industry. We accomplish this through highly acclaimed training and development programs designed to develop women at every professional level. In addition, WICT advocates for women in cable by commissioning gender diversity research and sharing proven diversity and inclusion tactics that demonstrate the strong benefits businesses realize with a more gender diverse team.

The WICT Touchstones of Leadership are our inspirational guide to effective leadership attributes – compiled to define the characteristics of a good leader and serve as our compass along the path of leader​​ship development. We hope that you will keep the WICT Touchstones in mind and continue to be motivated by them in your workplace.