Do you want to make your WICT membership even more meaningful? By volunteering with The WICT Network Heartland, you can:

  • Develop your leadership skills.
  • Acquire skills outside of your core competencies.
  • Get to know others in the industry.
  • Build a strong network of dynamic industry professionals.
  • Learn more about various aspects of the Cable and Telecommunications business.
  • Be inspired by working with some of our industry’s best.
  • Have more fun.

About our committees:

The WICT Network Heartland Marketing and Communications Committee is responsible for the promotion of events, activities and our chapter. Committee member responsibilities vary to include web design and maintenance, content planning, social media management, copywriting and WICT Heartland brand management. Also, committee members gather analytics from the tools to ensure effectiveness. Attendance at monthly committee meetings is a requirement.

The WICT Network Heartland Membership Committee is responsible for retaining, recruiting and engaging members. There is typically one market champion for each market. Each market champion is responsible for planning and executing one Connections and Cocktails event per year in their local market. Also, market champions engage with local members — inviting them to other programming events. The membership committee is also responsible for new member onboarding and building brand awareness. Attendance at monthly committee meetings is a requirement.

The WICT Network Heartland Mentoring and Professional Development Committee is responsible for assisting in the execution of our annual, award-winning mentoring program and providing members with individual development content for personal and professional growth. Typically, we have three committee members who are responsible for owning the mentoring session’s agenda, scheduling panelists, organizing questions and topics for our leaders and acting as hosts for our mentoring sessions. We also partner closely with our WICT Heartland programming and membership committees to ensure we are maximizing our content and providing best-in-class opportunities for our members.

The WICT Network Heartland Programming Committee is responsible for making the most out of our memberships by providing local development opportunities in our chapter. Typically, we have one to two committee leads for each market. Those committee leads are responsible for planning in person events in their respective markets. Event planning duties include budgeting, identifying and securing guest speakers or panelists, submitting communications requests and ensuring a successful event (day of) start to finish. Some committee members have additional responsibilities such as planning regional webinars, book clubs and other opportunities throughout the year. Attendance at bimonthly committee meetings is a requirement.

The WICT Network Heartland Sponsorship Committee is responsible for obtaining sponsors for our chapter. Committee members work to identify and engage with potential sponsors and matching a sponsorship level with the company that is value-added. They also ensure that sponsorship obligations are met.

If you’re ready to get involved, complete the form below. If you have questions, click here to contact us.

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