Now is the time to join WICT! 

You are warmly invited you to join the WICT Heartland Chapter, which draws membership from Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas and Nebraska.

Your WICT membership provides you with local and national networking opportunities with peers and leaders in our industry, professional and leadership development opportunities, and online resources from the members-only area of the WICT website.


WICT offers four levels of membership:


Executive ($299) members are director and higher. This level includes two exclusive executive-only virtual programs. (Voting member, can hold chapter board position.)

Regular ($195) members are mid-level or supervisory level positions. (Voting member, can hold chapter board position.)

Entry ($85) members are non-salaried positions with no supervisory or direct budgetary responsibilities. (Non-voting member, cannot serve on chapter board.)

Student ($35) are full-time students earning 6 credit hours at graduate level and 12 credit hours at undergraduate level.


Join us!  You’ll be glad you did!

Click here to join online or renew your membership today!