When: Tuesday, October 11th, 11:30AM – 12:30PM CST
Location: Online Webinar
Registration: Closed

Presenter: Joyce Reed, Vice President Strategy, Griffin Communications

“What Does Being STRATEGIC Really Mean?”

As we try to progress to positions of greater influence, we are often told to “think strategically.”  What does that really mean?  How do you learn to become strategic?  How do you incorporate a vision for the future into daily activities?  Emmy award winning journalist and television producer, Joyce Reed, will be the host of a WICT sponsored webinar on strategic thought.

Reed is currently the Vice President of Content for Griffin Communications (owner of CBS affiliate Channel 9 in Oklahoma City and CBS affiliate Channel 6 in Tulsa).  Prior to this position, Reed was in charge of Strategy for Griffin.  Upon arriving in Oklahoma City from a Missouri station, the unforgettable bombing of the Murrah Federal building happened.  Reed quickly was in charge of the extensive coverage of the Murrah Bombing in Oklahoma City and then established the Denver office for channel 9 for the trial of bomber Timothy McVeigh.  She has worked with television personalities across Oklahoma City, Virginia, Texas and Missouri.

Her specialty is being able to look at trends and develop corporate strategies that put the company in a position of success.